Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Non Cricut Cards

Can you believe how successful  MOMO's blog link is.  I have so many new followers.  Last Friday the "Scrap Expo" was at my local fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA.  I went around all of the booths, stocked up on some basics.  One booth, Stamping Fools, really caught my eye.  It is a technique that uses clear sticky tape, glitter, black silhouette stickers and markers.  Today I am showing the technique where you color on top of the glitter.  Later I will show you a method where you color in a stamped image, then coat with tape. and glitter.

Papers-White cardstock, orange glitter cardstock-DCWV.  Striped cardstock-K&Company
Stickers-Elizabeth Craft Designs-cupcake;Starform-sentiment
Sticky tape-2.5" wide roll-Sookwang (tape, glitter and stickers can be found on
Glitter-Crystal Glitter Ritz transpaprent micro fine, cool highlight
Make 4X5" card with striped cardstock.  Cut a 3X4.5 piece of orange gliiter cardstock, adhere to card as shown.
Cut a 2.25X3.25 piece of white cardstock, apply tape to front with backing still on.  Trim off extra, peel off backing.  Apply glitter on top of tape, shake of.  (save extra)Apply stickers on top of glitter color with sharpie. 
Adhere completed cupcake to front of card


  1. Very cool technique. I may have to give this a try. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I am now following you.

  2. Love this! I like all of the sparkle! I am glad Momo had the link as well :)

  3. Great job!! Love all the sparkle!

  4. Great job. This one needs a video tutorial!

  5. Hello~ I am a new follower who found my way via MoMO's blog. I love this card, can't go wrong with sparkles & cupcakes!
    Stop by my blog for a surprise!
    Happy crafting,

  6. Momo sent me to your blog Oh my goodness I was also at the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton and picked some of these up. I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time at there booth so I'm hoping to get some tips from you. Small world. If you would like to touch base via email since it seems we might live close to each other email me at dpookybear at yahoo dot com.